Safety, happiness and relaxed atmosphere !

Fosca Divers is a human-sized and friendly diving school where our main goal is to make you discover and to share with you our big passion: the underwater world by opting at any moment for your safety and the respect for the sea life.

A few years ago we decided to set up our small diving school, and we insist on “small” because we wanted it different from the big diving centers in order to be able to adapt and personalize our services for all our visitors. That is why we only organize small groups to make sure we will make you live a high-quality experience whether your are new to scuba diving, an aspiring diver or if you are already trained !

We always do our best to make our guests feel at home in our diving school because we think that scuba diving is a sport where it is vital for the divers and the diving professionals to communicate and like that to make everybody feel confident, which is a key thing to reinforce the safety.

We have been lucky to travel a lot and so dived everywhere we could before opening our diving school. All our experiences helped us to learn and to know how we wanted to pass on our love for scuba diving to our guests. Then, we have opted for staying close to our divers with a personalized attention and pedagogical approach.

Moreover, we always assist and give the appropriate advice to our divers to optimize their practice and diving skills during the dives with the aim of wining a biggest confidence through experience and knowledge. Our way of thinking is that it is practicing scuba diving that we become a good diver.

But, before someone decides to become a diver, the same one got to try scuba diving! That first time breathing underwater, all these new sensations we feel, it is a magical moment that leaves no one indifferent. We disconnect from the world to the sound of the bubbles, but at the same time it is a reconnection with ourself and the nature, like feeling a deep breath of oxygen. Well, it is a real enjoyment which can be addictive (in the good way)  that is why lots of our visitors decide to learn scuba diving in order to keep living these moments, and why not everywhere in the world if you get the chance!

Being a scuba diver mean that we have to respect and protect our wonderful underwater world, and being an environmentally friendly diving school, our mission is to provide support for best practices and encourage positive change. That is why we chose to support lots of projects and particulary the organization Longitude 181 using the International guidelines for responsible divers.

Throughout our Try scuba diving, our guided fun dives and the training courses we organize, we do our best to make our divers enjoy all the moments with us, underwater as out of the water because at the end, we are a big family passionate about the underwater world.

Maud & Raul, owners and diving instructors loving their job so far



Raül Franch

From Badalona

Advanced Open Water Intructor SSI
Open Water Scuba Instructor PADI
React Right Instructor SSI
Stress & Rescue Instructor SSI
Science of Diving Instructor SSI

Maud Cruz

From Toulouse

Open Water Instructor SSI
React Right Instructor SSI
Stress & Rescue Instructor SSI
Marine Ecology Instructor


“The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.” Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU